October 2021 Update

What I did:

  • I won the NC Idea Micro grant! While $10,000 will certainly be helpful, I’m more excited for the mentorship and getting to know the other entrepreneurs.
  • Shipped Requests For Webflow Apps - Not that much traction, but I did get a couple meetings out of it. 
  • Shipped Webflow JS Snippets -  Best Twitter thread yet! 
  • Shipped Webflow Class Names - Not that much traction, but I did get some meetings out of it. 
  • Lots of networking. I had 11 meetings with Webflow creators. 
  • Learned more about Chrome extensions. 
  • I got invited to the Webflow Monthly Showcase for Experts! 

What I didn’t do:

  • Product took a back seat to networking and customer interviews. 
  • I didn’t ship a thread the last week of October and I haven’t been scheduling tweets. 
  • I haven’t been answering questions on the Webflow Forum. 

What I learned or was reminded:

  • My productivity is ruined if I’m distracted by Twitter or have too many meetings in the day. I turned off my Twitter notifications and will focus on scheduling all my meetings in chucks.
  • @wmharris101 mentioned a marketing story I can’t get out of my head 👉 P.T. Barnum once had a man lay bricks in a line towards his museum. The man didn’t tell anyone what he was doing. People eventually became curious and followed him into the museum, and once there paid for a ticket. I need to funnel customers in, but I don’t necessarily have to mention Flow Phantom. I just have to lead them to Flow Phantom. My way of laying bricks could be making interesting resources for Webflow creators. Here's the link to the story  👉 How Barnum used bricks to build an audience.
  • I’m guessing my thread on Webflow JS Snippets worked well because I gave Webflow creators a resource they could both use and share with their audience. 
  • I need to be more scientific about my customer discovery. After reading  Talking to Humans I realized I wasn’t getting as much from my meetings as I could have. 
  • Twitter is better than emails for cold outreach. 

Next Month


  • Improve set up. 
  • Add in cart and in checkout upsells.


  • Film new setup videos. 
  • Get it ready for the Webflow Monthly Showcase for Experts.