May 2022 Update

### What I did / What happened
- I completed a small contract and made progress on a big onea
- Fixed Flow Phantom bugs
- Answered support emails
- Improved Flow Phantom documentation
- Created a new Flow Phantom video
- 12 WF forum posts
- Updated to new versions of Nextjs and Hasura
- Fleshed out my attribution funnel
- Refactored form to prepare for new features

### What I learned or was reminded
- I need to find a better balance between being  a good boyscout and not getting too caught in the code refactoring.
- Since I've been doing contract work I've been slipping on my deadlines. I need to treat myself as a client.
- The WF forum is a very good place for marketing but it is very difficult for me to stay consistent.
- Was reminded that I fell into the trap of not using enough React composition, my page level context was getting bloated.

### Health
- fasting in the morning seems to be the best thing for me. It allows me to stay focused in the morning on an empty stomach.
- My sugar intake has increased a lot I need to slow that down.

### Next Month
-  Contract work

- Ship text swap out.
- Fix bugs, otherwise  stay active on WF forums, reddit, or facebook.

- 10 forum or other community posts.