March 2022 Update

# March 2022 Update

## What I did / What happened

- Refreshed my marketing site with the [Relume Library]( the help of [forgematic](  I've established my foundation for SEO and a home for my content. Now it's time to get on a scheudle.
- I built a [SKU generator]( This was an exploratory project for NuxtJS and Vue. Vue might be the [next big thing]( in the Webflow space.
- Updated the docs with [Snazzydocs]( I love how the SPA works really well on my [Webflow site](
- Updated the naming system.
- Made progress on in cart upsells.

## What I learned or was reminded
- Learned more about the potential of using Vue with Webflow. In an ideal work all design would happen in Webflow and JS would only be used to fetch data.
- If I find myself iterating inside of code or Webflow I need to stop and go back to a lower fidelity. Whether that's a flow chart for code or a the Figma design. If there's something off with the code it's likely a code smell and if there's something off with the design it's likely the [visual hierarchy](
- You want to set yourself up well to execute. Marketing and SEO seemed like such a big task because I didn't have a good foundation. Now that the website is set up and I have the tools in place I feel like cranking out content is much more manageable.
-  My end to end tests need to be decoupled from each other as much as possible. My previous end to end tests were testing the same thing over and over again. In practice this meant that if I needed to change one test I'd have to go back and change a lot of them.
- I need to do more things with intention. "At any moment I should be able to lift my head up and understand how what I'm doing fits into the big picture" - Sherry Walling. I'm a grinder - I look at a mountain of work and say lets go, but that also means I sometimes forget to sit back and think strategically. I need to put guardrails in to make sure I'm always doing something with intention.
- I need to spend more time sharpening my ax. There have been so many times in Flow Phantom when I say I know how to do this! And then I realize halfway in it's not feasible.
- Having an athletic goal helped me take my mind off of Flow Phantom

## Health
- Ran a marathon 🎉

## Next Month


- Only fix bugs, otherwise it's marketing.


-  5 forum posts
-  4 Blog posts
-  1 JS video
-  Instructional videos
-  Polish off site
-  Revamp personal website