February 2022 Update

# February 2022 Update
### What I did / What happened

- Refactored my server side and client side logic.  
- Reduced upsell latency by ~ 40% 💪.
- Added support for [custom product feilds](https://university.webflow.com/lesson/use-collection-fields-to-build-custom-collections)  💪.
- Added support for Webflow interactions inside an offer element 💪.
- Added support for multiple upsells in an offer 💪.
- Removed a setup step by implementing copy and paste for upsell templates.
- Went on [NoCodeNoProblem podcast](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-code-no-problem/id1484594161?i=1000553226491).
- Rebuilding marketing website with SEO in mind.
- Refined my testing process inside test cafe.
- Updated the Flow Phantom Landing page (WIP).
- Built a features page.
- Designed and built scaffolding for the Flow Phantom Blog (WIP).
- Did 3 customer interview.
- Made [https://tools.flowphantom.com](https://tools.flowphantom.com)

### What I learned or was reminded

- Kill my darlings. I was inspired when I learned that [Tailwind stopped supporting the figma assets](https://tailwindui.com/documentation#figma-assets). More importantly I can't build something that is really hard to test - that's why I'm deprecating Post Purchase offers.
- SEO and marketing all starts with the Website and my website needs some sprucing up.
-  If I find myself iterating a design inside of code or in Webflow I need to stop and go back to Figma. There's probably something wrong with design, and likely within the [visual hierarchy](https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/visual-hierarchy#:~:text=Visual%20hierarchy%20is%20the%20principle,guide%20them%20to%20desired%20actions).

### Health
- I've hit my marathon training goals 💪.
- I've gained weight -> I've been snacking too much.
- Weekly massages with the theracane and theragun have really helped my back and recovering from runs.  

### Next Month

- focus on marketing

- Run a Marathon

- Finish marketing page build
- Write 2 blog posts.
- Film youtube videos.