April 2022 Update

### What I did / What happened

- Took a vacation in Provence, France. Spent some great time with my wife while doing very little work. It was really helpful to step back from the business and spend some time to recharge.
- Landed a contract in the Webflow space! Really excited to get better at Webflow while also bringing in some cash.
- I spun up another LLC for consulting.
- Paid taxes 🤮.
- Continued on my theme of enabling a faster shipping cadence. I made my end to to end tests more orthogonal and less likely to break.
- Put my client side JS into a flow chart which really helped me visualize my code and simplify it.

### What I learned or was reminded
- I need to do more things with intention. "At any moment I should be able to lift my head up and understand how what I'm doing fits into the big picture" - Sherry Walling. I'm a grinder. I look at a mountain of work and say lets go, but that also means I don't naturally sit back and think strategically.
- I've been feeling like I've fallen off the rails a bit. Stepping back and taking a vacation was really helpful.
- Putting everything into a flow chart for Flow Phantom really helped me. Fig Jam was great for staying organized.
- I learned a lot about IP and the legal side of setting up a consulting business while running a Saas.

### Health

- Knees are sore from the marathon.
- Doing better with fasting in the morning.
- Went to physical therapist.

### Next Month

- Only fix bugs, otherwise  stay active on WF forums, reddit, or facebook.

-  5 forum or other community posts.